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I've been checking out Myspace lately and have found quite a few interesting new players. It's a nice way to network with other musicians and to hear new music. It's totally free and there millions of users in the Myspace network. If you want to post your MP3s for streaming make sure you don't sign up for a regular non-musian page (like I did). Go to the music section and get a band page, otherwise you'll end up having to transfer everything to your music page. If you already have a Myspace page go to my page and send me an freind invitation.

To get an artist Myspace page go here- then look artist sign-up for the small link in the upper right hand corner in the red bar.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David, how do I contact you to possible do a gig in Lake Oswego in the near future? Contact Michael Smith, GM, Pasto Ricos, 14559 Westlake Drive, Lake Oswego 97035, business phone 503-620-7723, cell 503-750-1422, email msroileo@yahoo.com, fax 503-620-2579. Look forward to talking to you soon. Any chance you could be available on this coming friday from 8 to 11, june 2? Let me know, regards, Mike