Bob Mover's Bebop Chord substitutions

Here are some subs from sax master Bob Mover. These are all classic bop substitutions that he got from cats like Lee Morgan, Lee Konitz, and Bird. Bob will be in town from NYC for a weekend in October at the Blue Monk.
He will also be giving a master class and teaching private students while he's here. I would highly recommend checking him out. I first found out about him when I was a teenager while searching through the miscellaneous M section. He was one of the few alto players I had heard that was based in the Bird school yet had taken Bebop one step further. His harmonic concept was much more like a pianist's, with long snaky lines that moved all over the place harmonically. One of his first recordings was a quintet date with Lee Konitz done he was just 21 years old. Bob was really giving Lee a run for his money and at times you could barely tell the two of them apart. I looked him up when I moved to NYC in '97 and we did a lot of hanging while lived in NYC. He found me an pad in his building in Jersey City. The place became sort of a Bebop apartment building with four serious bop saxophonists there at one time. It was Bob and I plus two other talented young students of Mr. Mover along with the late great pianist Tony Castellano. The alto-ist was named Josh Benko (who now has a regular gig at Small's) and Kengi was the tenor player (who is truly scary). Someone was always practicing! The next door neighbors were ready to kill us. I often heard things yelled from next door like, "Shut that thing up or I'll shove it up all the way up your ass!". Bob and I will be shooting his clinic in the TV studio for an educational DVD. If you'd like to take private lessons with Bob or if you're interested in attending his master class while he's here in October please send me an e-mail.

Check out his web site at: www.bobmover.com
Videos of Bob's new band

ii-7 V7 chord substitutions-

/G-7 / C7 /F maj7/

/ Ab melodic- / Db melodic- /F

/G-7 Ab7#11 / Db maj7 Db mel- /F

/Ab-7 / G mel- Db mel- /F

/G-7 Ab-7 / Gbmaj7 Db mel- /F

/B dim / Bb dim /F

/G-7 Bb-7 / Db-7 /F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Db-7 Gb7 / F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 / F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 Db-7 /F

/Ab mel- / Bb mel- / F

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Adam said...

I dug the duo mp3s with Walter Davis Jr. on piano:

nicas tempo
prince albert
samba de soleil

I don't hear too many bebop alto players fly up into the altissimo range like that - using the altissimo as part of the flow, like Eric Dolphy did, rather than as just in ultra climactic spots.