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In this month's Otto interview Matt talks about his concept regarding long tones. On his web site Otto has an audio clip of the best long tone lesson I've ever run across. So good that I'm going to require all of my students to listen to it and follow Otto's instructions. The lesson itself sounds almost like a meditation tape, due to Matt's amazingly calm voice. He stresses that playing long tones is not just to develop your sound, which it does of course, but to also learn to relax your hands, oral tract and your mind. Matt talks about long tone practice as a way to learn to get comfortable with playing fewer notes. We often tend to try to exert our ego by playing a lot of notes, which is a hard habit to break. Otto includes audio files of drones to practice long tones along to. These help you to hear when your pitch is not perfectly stable.

All of Otto's lessons are really, really good. Here they are:

Matt Otto's lesson page
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