Wynton shreds on Letterman

My buddy Pat Tucker just sent me a link to a YouTube video that is pure genius. This is incredibly funny, especially if you're a big Wynton fan or hater.

Here's what Pat says about the clip:
My friend took a Wynton Marsalis video and erased the strings and his trumpet playing and then put on a sound track of messed up strings and then he recorded himself playing trumpet with the same fingerings that Wynton is using and played all this messed up stuff and then linked it up to the video, this is awesome. Enjoy!
Wynton shreds
Jaco Pastorius shreds
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Led Zeppelin shreds
Paco De Lucia Shreds

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MonksDream said...


This is some really funny shit. I have to tell you that I couldn't quite tell that he'd substituted anything for Wynton since I'd listened to so much outside trumpet playing. I then checked out the Jaco, and I still couldn't quite tell since I thought he sounded like maybe he'd just done one too many lines. I'm like, okay, time for a little Steve Vai. I still couldn't quite tell that it wasn't Steve Vai playing brutally outside. It took checking out Led Zeppelin, in which Jimmy Page always has some kind of bluesy thing going on in his jams to tell that it was a giant impostor!! Then Stevie Ray Vaughn, and he substitutes in some "Smoke On The Water!!!" Fuck that is some funny shit.