Doug Web demonstrates the Tubax

One of the more interesting things I saw at this year's NAMM show was the Tubax, an Eb contra-bass saxophone one octave lower than the bari. Tuba+Sax+Tubax.

 The thing was abut as tall as a regular bari, except that it had more coiled tubing. The interesting thing about it was that the action on the right and left hands are almost parallel. It seems that Oleg is importing the Eppelsheim Tubax and stenciling his name on it. The retail price runs at just $30k for the big horn. Doug Webb, one of L.A.'s top saxophonists, was demonstrating the Tubax at NAMM. He told me that he had had one for several years, buying his when the price was somewhat lower. I would absolutely love to own one of these bad boys, but I'd also love to pay off my mortgage.

I recorded Doug playing the Tubax with my digital camera. Unfortunately my little camera wasn't built for the massive low frequencies that the Tubax puts out, so please forgive the peaking.

Here is another video of Doug demonstrating the Oleg tenor:

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