Charlie Hunter- Teabagger and the Gobbler

Charlie Hunter was raised by a struggling single mom who worked repairing guitars in Berkeley, California. At an early age he became interested in a wide range of musical styles and got his first guitar at the age of twelve. He was just starting to master the seven-string guitar when I first met him in the Bay Area (now he plays the eight-string). Back then he didn't have the Lesley simulator so his whole sound was more guitar-like. His nickname used to be 'Squeedlee-deedlee' for his 'all-over-the-fretboard' style. We used to play duo gigs at a wine bar in Hayward and we would also play on the street by the UC Berkeley campus with Kenny Brooks and Dred Scott (on drums). Charlie started getting into arranging so we put together a four horn band which he called 'Quintet D'Ghengis', I have no idea what this meant. We played local clubs and private parties and eventually had Spearhead's Michael Franti take us into the studio to record a demo. Charlie seemed to have a real understanding of what the twenty-somethings wanted to hear. I think that's because he is equally grounded in the Funk, Jazz and Rock worlds.

Charlie has a bizarre sense of humor. This comes across in his musical concept, which is highly quirky and unpredictable. Take some of his tune names for example. First there's a tune called 'Tea-bagger' which relates to a sexual act that I won't explain on this G rated Blog. Then there is the tune called 'the Gobbler'. I can't go into what this means either. Some of you who read an earlier version of this post know what this means.

Charlie is doing very well for himself and has remained humble and down to earth in spite of his popularity. He is a true freak of nature the way he plays that axe of his.

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