esoteric music theory: Sufi Meditation

Here's one more Sufi post, this is the last one I promise :-)

Earlier this year a produced a TV show called 'Freestyle Sufi Jamming- the meditation technique of the Ovesi Order'. I believe that practicing some form of meditation can profoundly improve one's playing and general health. There are many types of meditation out there, most are part of some organized spiritual tradition's teachings. You may want to make up your own meditation method if you don't like the idea of organized religion. Just find one a give it a try, if that doesn't do it for you then try another. There have been many scientific studies documenting the many emotional, mental and physical health benefits of meditation. Meditation works. Period.

This program teaches a very easy and highly effective Sufi form of meditation that uses a 'Darood' or mantra and simple visualization. This teaching is from a Sufi order that is based in central Asia and is presented by a Faisal Sheikh, a young Sufi from Manchester, England. You are welcome to contact the Faisal directly at:ecg786@yahoo.co.uk if you have any questions about the method.

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