Analysis of Bill Evans' Very Early- by Pere Soto

Here is another analysis from Pere Soto's upcoming book.

Very Early analysis


Bert Ligon's collection of transcriptions

Bert is a professor of Jazz studies at the University of South Carolina and has some very nice material on the USC site. There are some great solo analyses here as well, like the Sco solo he examines in great detail. It seems to me that USC has a strong Jazz program.

Bert Ligon's collection of Jazz transcriptions


Bolivar Blues Analysis- by Pere Soto

 (click on the above graphic for a larger view)

Pere Soto has been working on a book with detailed analyses of selected Jazz tunes. His goal is to get inside the composers' minds in order to understand exactly what their intentions were when they wrote the tunes. Pere's approach reflects his background as a highly skilled and prolific Contemporary Classical composer. There will be more of these here on this blog in the future and I will be sure to let you know when his book is available.