Matt Otto/David Valdez Quintet Live @ the Blue Monk

I recorded this gig with my Zoom H4. All the tunes are Matt Otto's originals.
All of the MP3s are compressed into one large zip file. Once you click the link it will automatically start downloading.

David Valdez- alto saxophone
Matt Otto- tenor saxophone
John Stowell- guitar
Chris Higgins- bass
Todd Strait- drums

Matt Otto-David Valdez Quintet Live @ the Blue Monk
Recorded at the Blue Monk on Aug.5th, 2012

Singing Through Your Instrument- Matt Otto Improvisation Clinic

 Matt Otto came to PDX from Kansas City this month and I had the great pleasure of being able to do a lot of playing with him, and I helped him set up an improvisation workshop. I can honestly say that the experience had a profound impact on my musical concept. Matt's clinic was about the most profoundly interesting clinic that I have been to in years and I know that the students who were there felt the same way about it.

   Otto's teaching concepts are influenced by his studies at several great Jazz schools. He began his studies with David Baker at Indiana, followed by studies at Berklee, The New School and Cal Arts. After being in NYC for a few years Matt started suffering from severe bouts of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which forced him to develop ways to practice without his instrument. He began singing with pedal drones in order to help him develop his ear. This seemingly simple exercise began to shape his entire approach to improvisation.

  There is quite a bit of singing in this recording of Otto's clinic and I would strongly encourage you to sing along with the exercises. If you follow along through the the entire clinic I am sure that you'll find great value in Otto's unusual approach. Matt's approach helps the improvisor to make the ear the driving force in the process of improvisation, rather than having the mind choose your notes according to theoretical rules.

Matt Otto Clinic- part 1
Matt Otto Clinic- part 2

 Links to drone mp3s:
Drone Bb
Drone B
Drone C
Drone Db
Drone D
Drone Eb
Drone E
Drone F
Drone Gb
Drone G
Drone Ab