Targeting- by Jason Klobnak

 We've been dealing with chromatic approaches here lately and I ran across an interesting book on the topic a few weeks ago. The book is called Targeting and was written by a Denver trumpet player named Jason Klobnak. Jason uses the term targeting rather than approaches or enclosures because he takes a broader view of the concept. Jason defines targeting as aiming and moving at a goal note with purpose.

 In the beginning of his book Jason covers the more conventional chromatic approaches in the same way that I usually present the material to my own students. He explains the ten different ways that one can chromatically approach any given note- from a half-step to a minor third.

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 I usually have my students practice approaching every chord tone (including #11, b9, #9, 13 and b13) using each one of these ten different chromatic approaches. I can't stress how important this one technique is. Once you really get these approaches under your fingers you can use them to create, not only great Bop lines, but you can also combine these approaches to create ultra-modern, super-hip, knock-grandma-off-her-rocker, snaky chromatic-banana lines. As long as you keep the forward motion going then your target can keep moving and your destination never has to come, like an acid trip that never seems to end...but enough of my wasted youth, let's get back to Jason's book.

 Jason goes on to deal with using targeting to create longer flowing lines, like in the example below:
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Next Jason branches out a bit to talk about Pentatonic, Blues and Digital Pattern Targeting:
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The next chapter deals with Diminished and Altered Dominant Targeting:
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The final chapter puts everything together with some nice etudes. I am quite impressed with this book, such a crucial technique for Jazz students deserves a thorough and complete book like this one.

You download Targeting (in English or Spanish) for $12 or get a hard copy for $16.50 at
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