Jazz Conversations- a new site by saxophonist Jayn Pettingill

 Jayn Pettingill, who is an old friend of mine and also a talented altoist, has started writing a very interesting web site called Jazz Conversations.

About Jazz Conversations:
Jazz, in the last 150 years, has grown into quite a large word, encompassing many genres and subgenres than ever before. It can mean many things to many people: My "Jazz" may not be your Jazz, but there are always points of intersection that mingle, or combust, creating vivid conversation. With many ways to listen to and to play this music, Jazz Conversations seeks to capture some of the music's magic through writing and audio profiles of the people who play it, their stories, their recordings or anything in between and beyond.
Jayn Pettingill
About your Host:
Jayn Pettingill is a San Francisco native who has been playing saxophone professionally for 30 years. Her early studies with Frank Morgan, Victor Morosco and Anthony Braxton have influenced her music deeply. As a freelance musician she collaborates with a variety of musicians and bands. Her own projects include "Verb," a quartet of alto sax, trombone, bass and drums, and Kaijuscope, a twelve piece ensemble which reimagines the music of Akira Ifukube, through Jayn's compositions and arrangements, in collaboration with visual artist Michele Graffieti.

Jazz Conversations site

Half-Speed Jazz Blog

Jacob Zimmerman
"Half Speed Jazz" is a collection of classic jazz solos played back at half speed curated by saxophonist Jacob Zimmerman and trumpeter Theo Padouvas. The inspiration for this project came from the teaching practices of legendary jazz pianist Lennie Tristano. His method for learning solos involved singing along with the recordings played back at half speed. The authors of this blog believe that listening to a great solo at half speed can illuminate the enduring quality and substance of an improvised performance.

New solos are posted every Monday. If you have a great solo you think should be included please contact: jacob@jacobrexzimmerman.com

Half-Speed Jazz blog link

Diminished ii-V7 substitutions

Here is a sheet of diminished substitutions put together by Mario Sandoval, one of my PSU private students, that illustrates different diminished substitutions over a ii-V7 I in the key of of C.

4 Tonic System

Click the above graphics for larges versions