Jazz Saxophone solo transcriptions

Here are some great links to free sax solo transcriptions-

Sax solos link

Lucas Pickford's transcriptions

Charles McNeal's transcriptions

Jeff Ellwood's transcriptions Check out Garzone's killing solo on 'Have you Met Miss Jones'!!

Kenny Brooks' transcriptions

Darcy Hepner's Brecker transcription of 'Swunk' w/MP3

Steve Khan's transcription and analysis of Brecker's solo on 'Oran' w/MP3s

Kelly Bucheger transcriptions
(nice Trane solo on 'Sattelite')

Matt Otto solos

Mel Martin's extensive saxophone site


Anonymous said...

great blog! congratulaions!

shawn macy said...

Here is Jerry Bergonzi's inspiring solo over Long Ago and Far Away from 1981