PJJ-TV show and new esoteric music Podshow

I've been working on a few projects with my good friend Darren Littlejohn, founder of Portland Jazz Jams. We've done a few different podshows and I'm co-producing and directing his new PJJ-TV cable show. The show is now available to stream or download and features Jazz performances, interviews and instruction by some of the North West's top artists.Here is one of the first episodes. I directed this one, we'll be doing more soon. If you have Tivo you can now access these shows be searching podcasts!

PJJ has also just released a podshow that I did with local saxophonist/composer/bandleader/engraver/web pioneer/scholar Jason DuMars.
We talk about the esoterics of music and play some free saxophone duos. I'm in the right channel.

My Jason DuMars blog post
Jason's bio page
Jason's vintage saxophone buyers guide
Jason's articles on his saxophone.org site

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Adam said...

Just listened to the podcast. Very cool!

Quote from David:
"Watch the motive -- rather than what you're playing -- pay attention to why you're doing it, what you're trying to say: the emotion - what's behind what you're playing. You could be playing anything and it will have a different effect according to what your intentions are and your emotional state and state of mind when you're playing that same thing. Watching that and working on that can completely change your playing for the better faster than any amount of wood-shedding will ever do. "

Djivan Gasparyan CDs to look for in your favorite store's Armenian folk section:
- I Will Not Be Sad in This World
- Nazani
- Apricots from Eden
- From the Soil
- Black Rock