Reharmonization with Constant Structure Chords

Here is an article on modern reharm by Berklee teacher Paul Schmeling-
Reharmonization with Constant Structure Chords

"THERE ARE MANY APPROACHES TO REHARMONIZATION, but this one, explored by Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans in the 1960s, creates an interesting combination of functional and nonfunctional sounds. It laid the groundwork for tunes with nonfunctional harmony that followed."

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MonksDream said...

This is a pretty hip posting. It seems to help understand a lot of what a band like, say Keith Jarret/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette are doing when they transmogrify standards. It also helps to understand how Herbie Hancock would come up with some of the harmonies on Maiden Voyage and the progressions of those '65 to '69 Miles sessions, with tunes like "Paraphernalia," one of my favorites from that period