The Musical life of Gigi Gryce/Jazz history site

Here's a site with some bios of some under-recognized players like Gigi Gryce, Teddy Charles, Joe Locke, Elmo Hope, Kent Glenn (who I had the pleasure of playing with many times in Portland and in NYC), Carl Perkins, Tiny Kahn, Benny Powell, Lucky Thompson and Frank Strozier (one of my all-time favorite alto players).

I just ordered Noal's biography on Gigi Gryce, it look's extremely interesting. Did you know that he converted to Islam and changed his name to Basheer Qusim?

Noal Cohen's Jazz history site


Anonymous said...

Thanks, David. Very nice site!

HankC said...

So...recently your friend, Rob Sheps, made the claim that Gryce was infact, STILL ALIVE & in hiding, because the music biz powers that be are "after him" for his publishing stuff in the 60s. That they ran him into hiding, etc...I guess Rob wasn't consulted during the making of this book?