Paul Contos Patterns

Paul Contos was my first saxophone teacher. When I began studying with him in 7th grade the first thing he did was start me on the Charlie Parker Omnibook.
Paul worked with me for about six years, until I went off to Berklee. He has been teaching for the Monterey Jazz Festival high school program for many years now.
Paul is a great player and a wonderful person, he's started many young players on the road to becoming professional musicians.

Paul Contos ii7 V7s


Anonymous said...

=] i love this guy. he's 1/2 the reason i switched to sax from piano @ MJF camp. the other half... this guy from NY sherman irby. but yeah, he's def. a big influence.

Unknown said...

Paul would come by our high school with Bill Berry and Bruce Forman. Yea man He's one of the reasons I still play, why I say, "Yea man" and it was a pleasure having Him call me for his CSUMB gigs years later.

Unknown said...

Holey cow! David, Bill Berry and the gang used to come to my school too. I remember the day Bill passed. It was a sad one. MJF camp was an amazing experience.