The Real Book listening Guide

Ever wonder what Doin' the Pig sounded like? How about Bitter Suite In The Ozone?

Now you can look up every tune in the Real Book and get links to buy or sample each track at the iTunes store. There are also links to order play alongs.

Check out The Real Book Listening Guide


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Adam said...

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Hey, this is a great post. Thanks. I wish we had the Internet in the 80s. It would have taken me hours and miles and more money than I ever had to hunt down all those tunes in record stores and libraries. Now I can just sit and stare at a screen in my home for nothing. I kinda feel cheated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave, great resource.

I'm thinking about playing with the Napa College stage band again.

Trekkor Wills

David Carlos Valdez said...

Hey KT!
Did you check out Adaaaaaaaaam's
rad pic?