Musical Listening Test

Here's an interesting musical listening research study from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne-

"We are interested in studying musical perception ability in the general population. The following test, developed by Isabelle Peretz (University of Montreal), takes less than 10 minutes. It involves listening to pairs of tunes and deciding whether they are the same or different. We will give you your score at the end.

Musical Listening Test

Elementary Training for Musicians


Jason DuMars said...

I got 28 out of 30. I would have done better except I was playing with my cat while I was taking the test.

MonksDream said...

Yeah, I got 26 twice. I wonder if it's the same mistakes?? It was phun.

Me Me said...

I got a 29 out of 30, and I think I know why--on one of the very first samples, I hesitated and decided it was different because the rhythm was slightly off. By the end I realized that the researchers had no intention of testing recall of rhythm, only tune. (And I'm not sure I was right that the rhythm was off.) Fun link, anyway!