John Gunther trio live @ the Knitting Factory

I first met John Gunther at Berklee where both auditioned for the Heb Pomeroy band. That was by far the most brutal audition of my life. John, Doug Yates and I were battling it out for just alto two spots. Today those guys are two of my favorite saxophone players.

John always played everything great. His soprano, alto, tenor, flute and clarinet were all equally together. Don't you hate guys like that? He plays every style appropriately, the consummate professional musician.

John is also a great composer and is always leading three or four different projects. Shit, I hate that guy! Slow down buddy, you're making the rest of us look bad.

After getting his degree at Berklee John went down to Miami where he got a Masters degree, while in Miami he flew up to NYC to study with Joe Lovano (courtesy of an NEA grant). Then he moved back to the city and got a Doctorate degree while teaching at NYU. He's currently living in Boulder, Colorado and teaches at the University of Colorado.

This trio gig was shot at the Knitting Factory by camera man Scott Marshall in 2000.

High speed-John Gunther trio video
Low speed-John Gunther trio video
John Gunther's website

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