Sax pornography

Monk'sDream sent me a link to a SBA alto from Ralph Morgan's personal collection that was make especially for the Selmer's head designer. Dave the Junk Dude is selling this horn on his site. This horn was a unique prototype for the Mark VI and is about the most beautiful alto I've even seen. Before you look at the pics you may want to put a towel over your keyboard so you don't get drool all over it.

Ralph Morgan's SBA alto


The Dissonance said...

OMG. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

The tatooed lady at the circus!
How much is it expected to fetch?

David Carlos Valdez said...

I heard that Ralph's widow was offered $9k but refused because she didn't want it going to a school kid.
Can you imagine a high-schooler bringing a horn like this to Jazz band?