The Return of Pere Soto!

Guitarist/Composer Pere Soto is in town for a few months from Spain for the release of our Oasis CD at the end of March. He's staying at my place while he's around and we've been keeping pretty busy playing gigs and sessions, finalizing the Oasis artwork, and arranging for my new sextet. Pere has been in Mexico for a few months visiting his girlfriend and writing like a fiend.

Pere finished a fakebook consisting of over 650 of his own compositions, completed his book on advanced reharm, wrote five different books of his personal Jazz phrases (dominant, minor, diminished, whole-tone and major), wrote a sax quartet, and wrote a book of transcribed phrases of great Gypsy Jazz guitarists. Pere man, next time you're in Mexico don't just sit around drinking cervezas all day. Geeeezsh!

I'll be in Mexico myself for a few weeks starting this Sunday, so I don't know how much I'll be posting for a little while. I thought that I'd give you guys some stuff to chew on while I'm south of the boarder eating chicken mole' while listening to Mariachi music. Pere prepared some samples from each of his books for you guys to check out. Click the links to downloads the PDF files.

Contact Pere if you'd like to buy the PDF files or printed copies of his complete books. The worst thing about most Jazz phrase books is that the phrases usually sound corny and derivative. Like Pere's playing, the lines is his books are unique and interesting. They definitely won't make you sound like you belong in the Lawrence Welk band when you play them.

250 Pere Soto Diminished Phrases
250 Pere Soto Dominant Phrases
250 Pere Soto Major Phrases
Expanded Fingering Techniques for Guitar
250 ii-V7 Substitution Techniques
Pere Soto Fake book

To buy full books contact Pere Soto:

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