Casa Valdez on Apple TV & Casa Valdez podcast

I recently bought an Apple TV as a pure impulse buy while at the Apple dealer trying to fix my iMac (which turned out to be toasted). Apple TV is a little box that looks like a squashed mini Mac. It connects to your HD television set with an HDMI cable and allows you to access your iTunes library on your desktop computer. I liked it because I have my good studio monitors hooked up to my HD TV upstairs, and my iMac with my 500 gigabyte library of MP3s and videos is downstairs in my studio. As long as my iTunes is open on my computer I can stream or sync to my Apple TV. Apple TV also can sync photos in my iPhoto library. Pretty bad-ass right?

This may not sound all that amazing if you're not a media junkie like my, but there's even more. Apple TV has a built in YouTube search interface that allows you to watch homemade videos of rabid chihuahuas frantically trying to hump cats, and of course babies swearing like tiny little truckers. All of this on the big screen! The resolution can suck, but you'd expect YouTube to look a lot worse than it actually does.

The coolest feature for is has to be the ability to watch, listen and subcribe to any Podcast that is listed in the iTunes store. One of these podcasts is the Casa Valdez podcast. I mentioned this a while ago, but haven't pushed it because there aren't many media files in my podcast page. The reason for this is the iTunes only turns links to media files into listed podcasts after the point when you register the podcast account. So in order to getter all my old media files turned into podcasts I'm going to need to post them again one at a time. Even if no one else bothers to watch or listen to this material, I need to do this so I can access everything on my Apple TV in the comfort of my living room upstairs.

So I apologize for re-posting this stuff again. Maybe you never checked this stuff out before because it was buried in the archives. Here it goes........

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