Dan Haerle's Blues Variations

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mrG said...

I loved this chart, and as a public service to the betterment of those jam sessions everywhere, you know, the ones where somehow, somebody slips into the line-one 12 bar blues ad infinitum, I put together this little package containing this chart (in html, text and gnumeric) and a very silly little computer generated (mma) cheap-midi rhythm section to take you through the lines top to bottom. Spend a few hours with this, and I guarantee you'll never again cringe when the guitarists start into a 12-bar, you'll just jump right in and blow their minds.

divshare download: F-Blues Variations zip file

guitarists out there may also want to poke into this minor blues changes tutorial from the always excellent JazzGuitar.be website.

Marc Hager said...

Nice lineup, but it misses my favorite iv-bVII7 bar ten variation, e.g. Bbm7-Eb7.