Mixing up the Pentatonics- Jerry Bergonzi transcription

In Jerry Bergonzi's book on pentatonics he has a recorded example of himself demonstrating the use of mixed pentatonics. My buddy Dave McGillicuddy transcribed Jerry's example in order to see clearly what he was doing.

Mixing up the pentatonics solo
Mixing up the pentatonics- concert transcription
Mixing up the pentatonics- Bb transcription


Anonymous said...

Nice! I've been working out of Bergonzi's pentatonic book lately and I recommend it to everyone. You get a lot Coltrane type of lines out of it when you start to mix and match them in various intervalic combinations.-Tone

Unknown said...

Jerry's books are fantastic. I've been using his 8 basic pentatonic shapes to create exercises over my own tunes. Just wrote a post about it:
Russ Nolan