Friends, stress, moving and travelling

That's for all the great comments and friend requests on Facebook. I haven't had much time to respond to all of you because my life has been incredibly stressful lately. If you're thinking about buying or selling a house right now- DON'T. I've spent everyday on the phone over the last few months with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, roofers, painters, city planners, contractors, and window guys. It has been getting more and more insane and as we're getting closer to closing on the house we're selling and the house we're buying. All the regulations for appraisers and lenders has just recently changed and we're the first batch of people to get screwed by them. I never want to go through this hellish torture again for the rest of my life.

If everything goes as planned, and so far nothing has, I'll be signing papers and moving next Tuesday. Thursday I leave to teach at the Prague International Summer Jazz Workshop. No pressure or anything.

I've commissioned Dan Gaynor to arrange a bunch more three horn charts for me, which I'll be posting here for all of you, most of these new charts are Lawrence Williams originals. Keep checking back because I'll be posting this material soon.


Canoxa said...

All the best.

Jerry Pritchard said...


I know what you mean about yjr hassel of selling houses and moving. Never signed so many forms in my life. I had two deals go bad on my California house before finally selling--at about $80K less than the offer when the appraisal came in low. Grrr!

My wife had never been invoved in buying or selling a house before and the stress just ate her up for months. She probably won't calm down until escrow closes and the move in completed in late August.

Just returned from Portland area where we were successful in finding and getting offer accepted a great place in West Linn. Had hoped for LO but just couldn't find anything set up the way we need it in our price range and size. (We are upsizing so father-in-law can live with us with a little privacy for both.) It even has a 12 x 12 gazebo out back. I plan to enclose for a practice studio.

Jerry Pritchard

Patricia W. said...

Interesting drawing. But aren't you happy now that it is all done?