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Hello again, Tim Price here for Rico Reeds. I thought I might discuss some unique and important music played by Charlie Mariano and friends.
The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady--- Charles Mingus's 1963 recording was wake-up call to jazz- - a lesson in alto saxophone expression by Charlie Mariano. Even so, today, in listening to that, one wonders why Mariano was not given his proper place in jazz he deserved-he played in a style derived from the mainstream of jazz's development with constantly expanding horizons. Externally, Charlie's style bore the marks of modern jazz in terms of melody, harmony, rhythm, and phrasing. His was a wholly romantic art. Charlie Mariano was always able to convey emotional depth via all musical elements.The real thumbprint of a jazz innovator!

His playing was always utterly spontaneous, and his resultant open ended saxophone sound is the stuff of which great jazz, and music without boundary's is made.

As Mariano's world opened while living in Europe his music became a pastiche of Indian, Japanese and other indigenous musics. Through his life Charlie would continue to combine musical genres; his interest in world music never abated. Elements of these music's inevitably found their way into his compositions and performances, as, a characteristic celebration of his musical diversity. Musicians from other cultures sought him out as a mentor and voice to add the elements they heard in their music.

Here is a stunning example of this, with some of the greatest players on the planet. EG- Charlie Mariano, Chaouki Smahi, Billy Cobham, Bobby Stirn, Paul Shigihara, Mike Herting, Yahia Smahi. Check out how Charlie creates spontaneously in the moment while paying homage to the collective spirit of being in the ensemble.WOW!

Take note also, Paul Shihihara is one of the real voices in today's music on guitar- very personal and beautiful.

Special thanks to Charlie's daughter, Cynthia Mariano for sending this link to me ! Thanks Cynthia!

Mariano Cobham Smahi Friends
La Rose du Sable, Thinking Of You, Album 2009 www.chaoukismahi.com

Check this great clip out-and get the CD asap!!

This music, from all musicians within, is a very unique and inspired masterpiece.Totally profound !

Charlie's musical legacy is one of such influence that decades from now people will still be talking about him, not only as a saxophonist but as a musician and human being that gave something deep and vital to the world.

Enjoy and stay in the moment ~ see ya next week~ Tim Price

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