Joe Pass' solo on Cherokee

Dan Johnson just sent me his transcription of the late great Herb Ellis' playing rhythm guitar behind Joe Pass soloing on Cherokee from a duo record called Two for the Road.

Audio track of Cherokee
Cherokee solo-Concert
Cherokee solo-Bb

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it Joe Pass playing that solo?
Anyway, it's a great solo.

David Carlos Valdez said...

Thanks for the correction.

Adam B said...

OH yeah!! Thanks for this!

xa4esq said...

For the interested, I have a transcription of Herb Ellis' solo on "When your lover has gone" from "Herb Ellis meets Jimmy Giuffre" (1959).

Find it here http://www.wofo.be/when_your_lover_has_gone.pdf.
The Sibelius version (http://www.wofo.be/when_your_lover_has_gone.sib. ) can be useful for transposing instruments.

I'm not very sure about the chord in bar 12 (and in similar places) though.

Best regards, Xavier