The hand of Bill Evans

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Nelson Hinds just sent me this page of tunes handwritten by Bill Evans in preparation for his 1971 recording session for Columbia records. Anyone care to compare the Time Remembered here to the Real Book version?


Laurie Verchomin said...

What a treasure. I also have several handwritten charts by Bill. The many revisions of LAURIE.

Owen Summers said...

This is absolutely great. Thanks for posting.

Bill wrote the Time Remembered melody a little differently than the way it is done in the Real Book. (Having the B tied over into the 5th measure; meldoy note not changing until beat one in measure 10 instead of beat 4 of measure 9; dotted quarter eighth note rhythm instead of two eigths in measure 15; quarters instead of eigths in measure 18; quarter note triplet in measure 19; dotted quarter eigth in measure 20.)

Bill wrote all the minor chords as -7, whereas the Real Book is -9. He also specifically notates the #11 chords, as #4 actually. The Real Book just writes them as Maj7 chords. The dorian and lydian stuff is pretty strongly implied anyway, so there really is't much difference between the charts harmonically. I do kind of find it interesting that Bill used the #4 terminology.

David Carlos Valdez said...

Cool, thanks Owen. You're the man.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's frickin sweet. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's fricking sweet. Thanks for posting.

musikko said...

Amazing, thanks.
I have tried to lift the chords to My man is gone now. this helps