David Valdez, Weber Iago & Art Lillard Live at Vinideus Jazz Bistro

No Momento (comp. W. Iago)
Peaceful Brookside (comp. Art Lillard)
Shades of Happiness (comp. W. Iago)
Fear Not  (comp. W. Iago)
Merci, Mon Frere (comp. W.Iago)
Meadows (comp. W. Iago)

Recorded live on 8/21/10 at Vinideus Jazz Bistro- Portland, Oregon

David Valdez: alto saxophone
Weber Iago: keyboard
Art Lillard: drums


Matt Otto said...

David, this is really nice, thanks for posting this up man... I downloaded all the tracks and am enjoying them over sunday morn. coffee... great playing man, cool tunes too.

Jazz Music said...

I really like these awesome tracks. I also know that their performance was awesome. Downloading tracks is the best way to go.