Joe Henderson Master Class at North Texas State University

You won't find this lecture anywhere else.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Thanks Markos!


Anonymous said...

This is a real treat to have heard.Would have loved to hear the music Joe played that day. At the end he says "if anyone has to leave". Wanna bet no one did !!!

David Wells said...

So great! Wish I could have studied with him back in the day!

chayjazz said...

This is wonderful!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was there!! and I made my own tapes!!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

paul said...

this is great, thanks. the part where he talks about perfect pitch is interesting, I didn't fully get that part.

Rick Hirsch said...

This is fantastic. What a gem!

My grad. school sax teacher Steve Duke told me similar stories about his studies with Joe Henderson in the 80s. Very heavy.

I try to use similar approach with my own private students — it's comforting to have it 'seconded' by someone else, especially someone like Joe Henderson.

Thanks again for posting this.

~ Rick

Bill said...

I'm not a jazz musician but I appreciate hearing this. thanks, Bill

Unknown said...

This is great, thanks!

The Jackal said...

Dear David,

Many thanks for all your material over the last few years, you have helped an enthusiastic mature age amateur alto along his mediocre way, we were lucky to have a visit from Joe not so long ago down under. Nice article for Joe Henderson Fans : birdswithbrokenwings2.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Dear David,

Thank you so much or posting this. I grew up in the same small town of Lima, OH and studied with Don Hurless who was mentioned on Page One. When I was a student in college in Cincinnati in 1992, the city of Lima gave Joe a homecoming concert, his entire family was there, the Mayor of Lima gave Joe the key to the city and declared it Joe Henderson Day which was his birthday. After every solo Joe played that night, his entire family stood up and applauded. After the concert, they gave him a birthday party and e blew out all the candles. He saw Don Hurless and me standing near by and came over and talked to us, and Don introduced me to him and told him I was his prize student.
The coolest part of the evening was when Joe asked Don if he remembered that new tune he wrote in the 1950s that Joe brought to his house and played thru and recorded on a reel to reel player. Joe said, " I originally called it No-Me Esqua, but later renamed it Recorda-Me." My mouth dropped when I heard that. What a great moment. Don Hurless told me that Joe and him would transcribe Charlie Parker recordings and play them at night in strip clubs in Lima when the strippers weren't dancing!
Anyways I thought that was a cool story to share with you about Joe.



Unknown said...

Is there a DVD available? I hope there is, i cant find one online!

David Carlos Valdez said...

Don't think so.

N Cam said...

Is there perhaps any clips of the musical performance part?

David Carlos Valdez said...

I wish