New advertising policy here at Casa Valdez Studios

I need to let my readers know that after much consideration I am now selling ad space here on Casa Valdez Studios. I've had Google ads on here for quite a while now and even that was a tough decision to make. I wanted this blog to by a trusted independent source of information for my readers, not just a crass commercial excuse to hawk gear like many other music sites. All of the unique educational resources here are offered free for download and that is a good part of the reason why this blog is now ranked 9th among all the Jazz blogs on the Internet. Casa Valdez Studios now gets over 400 visits a day and over 25,000 page views a month, with loyal readers all over the globe.

 The new sponsors that are advertising here are selling products that I personally use and feel totally confident standing behind. I will not accept ads for products that I do not totally love. The Google ads that come up at Google's whim are another story entirely, so please don't hold me responsible for the Mexican time share or Viagra ads that may pop up once in a while. I try to block Google ads that are not related to music, but the system isn't foolproof.  My first sponsors are Gigbook's iPad app developer Deep Dish Design and Eric Allen, author of the book Success In All Keys. Soon I expect to be adding advertising for Drake saxophone mouthpieces, which I am now personally recommending to all of my private saxophone students.

 In the interest of full disclosure I'd like to let my readers know that some of the posts I will be writing are about products advertised on this blog, but again I'm only accepting advertising for products that I fully believe in. I'd also like to let potential advertisers know that limited ad space is available on this blog for quality products targeted to the serious Jazz musician. Interested parties may contact me at:

 I'd like to promote products that I personally believe rather than the random products that come up in the Adsense Google ads that I have on this site. I've put thousands of hours into making this site one of the most trusted sources of Jazz educational resources on the net, so I just wanted to be sure to explain this new advertising policy to my readers. Thanks.

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