The Joseph Viola Project

 I was thinking the other day about Joe Viola and how it would be valuable to try to assemble some of his teaching methods and create a website similar to the Joe Allard Project website. Joe V and Joe A were there two greatest saxophone teachers of the 20th century, imho, and they both deserve to have their knowledge recorded for the sake of posterity. Of course Joe Viola has left us several great saxophone technique books, but his unique methods of teaching sound production haven't been recorded anywhere (as far as I know).

 Joe V knew the saxophone like no one alive today. He knew exactly what was going on inside your mouth just by hearing you play and knew how to correct the problems, sometimes that even involved putting a latex dental finger glove on and poking around in your mouth to show you what you were doing wrong with your tongue. Joe knew how to work magic, that is the only way to describe what he did because his knowledge was so esoteric that it entered the realm of mysticism. This sounds far fetched, but I don't think that any student of Viola would disagree with me.

 If you can remember any of Joe Viola's methods or concepts and don't mind taking some time to write whatever you remember I think it would be a highly worthwhile endeavor. Then I'll compile everything and put a web page together. Each year that passes means fades our memories of what we learned from this true master of the saxophone.

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ericdano said...

Joe's books still kick my ass. His Chord Studies book, and the Rhythms one especially.

AtibaTaylorStudios said...

thanks David
Your blog continues to inspire me and led me to create my own blog at atibataylorstudios.wordpress.com

Ive practiced Viola's stuff, especially the chord studies. anyhow, Ive written a book on Jazz improv, I hope that you will review for me. thanks a lot. GREAT SITE. i dig your playing too!

David Carlos Valdez said...

I love to check out your book. Can you send my a PDF file?