FindTheBest’s Jazz Clubs Comparison

Jazz, America’s great musical art form, known for its cool, sexy tone makes for a great night of entertainment.  And yet outside of major Jazz hubs like New York or San Francisco it’s often hard to find good Jazz to satisfy your needs.

Luckily, there’s now a tool from FindTheBest.com to help accommodate every Jazz enthusiasts cravings.   FindTheBest’s new Jazz Clubs Comparison is an objective, easy to use, and most importantly helpful directory that allows a user to filter and sort by what criteria is most important to them when searching for the Best Jazz clubs.

For instance, if you were visiting a friend in Los Angeles and you weren’t familiar with the Jazz clubs out there you could simple enter Los Angeles into the location filter and all the Jazz clubs within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles would be presented to you.   Furthermore, maybe you’re looking for a Jazz club in LA that also served dinner, you could additionally select “full meal” under the “dinner options” filter and you would be directed towards all the Jazz clubs in LA that served dinner.

Or maybe you’re a fan of the old school hidden basement venues, FindTheBest’s Jazz Clubs Comparison allows you to filter by “venue style” so you can easily find those basement Jazz clubs.

FindTheBest’s Jazz Clubs Comparison truly is a great tool for locating Jazz clubs in your desired area that meet your specific needs.  The comparison allows you to sort and filter by venue style, admission type, music type, location, cover charge, dinner options, club features, and much more.  A great tool for all Jazz enthusiasts out there, as well as those just looking to hear some great music.

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joesh said...

Hi David

Although it's not uniquely American it's certainly worthwhile mentioning the site :


It's probably the most used sites for finding jazz clubs.

Unfortunately the links aren't always 100% correct, but it's a gold-mine of information for musicians and jazz buffs alike.