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Michael Brecker continues to be one the the most respected and emulated saxophonists of our time. The other while perusing Facebook I saw so many people posting Brecker YouTube videos that for a minute I though it might have been some sort of national Brecker holiday, nope, everybody just loves Brecker.

Do you need your three-tonic fix first thing in the morning?  Is your Guardala metal piece not giving you enough of that Brecker magic? Do you feel like you need to go back in the shed and practice some Brecker transcriptions for a few thousand more hours? Do you fall asleep thinking about new patches for your EWI? If so then you then you need to check out the Michael Brecker Live Recordings website. Luis Gerrits runs the site and appears to be the world's foremost authority on all things Brecker. He has the largest collection of Brecker bootleg audio and video on the planet, and he is willing to trade you if you contact him.

To me the most interesting thing about Gerrits' site is his collection of transcriptions, many of which were done by Rick Margitza. You can download all 95 of these Brecker transcriptions for free here.


A Sharp said...

Hilarious post!!!!!

joesh said...

Nice post. I must say that it kind of gets on my nerves when people collect stuff like that and won't let you hear any of it, unless you 'trade' with them. I'm sure many musicians would be appalled to discover someone (a fan) was basically hogging their life's work, which after all is not theirs to market and use in this way.

Sorry to be so blunt but luckily there are more generous people that like to contribute to sites like Inconstant Sol which give people a chance to hear free of charge wonderful live recordings of musicians. As for live recordings of Brecker there was a site - You are what you hear - where they had a ton of old Brecker stuff, shame it was taken down.

Keep the great blog running, thanks.

Louis said...

In case you want to just copy and paste and not rewrite:

Hi Louis Gerrits here from The Brecker site. Thanks for posting about my

To answer Joesh:
I did post a lot of videoclips in the past, but it's not allowed anymore in
Holland. Lots of clips were downloaded by visitors of my site and uploaded
to YouTube.
Like this one:
http://www.youtube.co/watch?v=Dkzw19TTTRs&feature=youtu.be and many more.

I also share material on the Brecker facebook page.