The Music of Jerry Bergonzi- free PDF download!!

Jeff Elwood just finished compiling and engraving a PDF of Jerry Bergonzi's original tunes. Jerry wanted to offer the 244 page PDF for free as a digital download. There is a both Bb and a concert PDF. I have a session set up tomorrow at my place to read some of the tunes.

Here's what Jeff has to say about the project:

"This project was a labor of love. Having been a fan of Jerry’s playing and writing since 1st hearing the Standard Gonz recording, I decided recently to send him an email to see if he would be willing to share some of his lead sheets.  I then received emails from Jerry and saw that everything was handwritten. I asked Jerry if he ever thought of making cleaned up versions of his tunes and selling it as an ebook. He loved the idea! Who would have known that I would do close to 200 tunes? I enjoyed every minute of the process, but mostly enjoyed my conversations with Jerry. What a kind, humble man!

In talking, Jerry then decided he wanted to give the book away for free. He is truly honored by people taking interest in his music. Jerry is a well-respected musician and educator, and this book will help to preserve his great legacy. Since this book is being given away for free, I ask that you purchase Jerry’s recordings, as many of the tunes will be difficult to play without hearing them. Please enjoy this great catalog of compositions!- Jeff Ellwood"

Download The Music of Jerry Bergonzi


David Wells said...

Wow! What an amazing decision to put this out there for free!

Jeff Ellwood said...

Thanks for sharing David. Let me know if you find any mistakes

El Rana said...

Hi to all,

I've been hanging out with Jerry all this week, as he's been playing different venues here in Santiago, Chile, with a really great quartet consisting of Carl Winther on piano, and local heros Rene Sandoval on bass and Felix Lecaros on the drums.

We've been consistently awestruck by his melodic invention, his huge tonal palette, his capacity to play all kinds of time feels (his floating-over-time feel is to die for)and his big heart overall. He played a gorgeous 'Body & Soul' last night that beautifully hit the emotional heart of the tune.

A passionate a man about music as we've ever met here and a lovely, funny guy to boot ! We definitely wanna have him back !!

He's using Jeff's transcriptions for his gigs. It's a great piece of work that does justice to his beautiful and under-rated contribution as a composer.

Thanks Jeff !!

Francisco Espinoza

El Rana said...


Enjoy !!