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Jacob Zimmerman
"Half Speed Jazz" is a collection of classic jazz solos played back at half speed curated by saxophonist Jacob Zimmerman and trumpeter Theo Padouvas. The inspiration for this project came from the teaching practices of legendary jazz pianist Lennie Tristano. His method for learning solos involved singing along with the recordings played back at half speed. The authors of this blog believe that listening to a great solo at half speed can illuminate the enduring quality and substance of an improvised performance.

New solos are posted every Monday. If you have a great solo you think should be included please contact: jacob@jacobrexzimmerman.com

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Guitari said...

hi can you please help me?
I found your site I was looking for help
on the Bergonzi Book Pentatonics

I saw you transcribed one of the tracks
do you have any others?

I am at arijoshua@gmail .com
please send me a shout.

I have no idea how else to contact you.


David Carlos Valdez said...

sorry, that is the only transcription I have from that book.

Unknown said...

My jazz piano students find it useful to take just 4 or 8 bars and loop them.
Paul Abrahams