Basic ii-7 V7 chord substitutions

At the end of my last workshop I touched on a very common type of ii-7 V7 substitution. To do this one you simply turn the ii-7 into a secondary dominant of the V7 or V7 of V7. This is an easy sub to make because all you are doing is changing the quality of the ii-7 from minor to dominant (with or without alterations). So here are just a few of the many ways to do that:

D-7 / G7 / Cmaj7 /

D7 /G7 /Cmaj7 /

D7b9 /G7b9 / Cmaj7 /

D7alt /G7alt /Cmaj7 /

D+7 /G+7 /Cmaj7 /

or you could turn the V7 into a subV of V, like so:
Ab7#11/G7 /Cmaj7 /

Once you get the hang of these subs, they will really make your drab two-fives much more interesting. There is nothing more boring to me than listening to someone crank out tired-ass-straight-up-David Baker-two-fives (you know the ones I'm talking about) on each and every tune. I think David Baker's books are really good, but everyone has played out of them by now- SO PLEASE SPARE US!!!!!

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