Charles McPherson

One of my all time favorite alto players is Charles McPherson. I first heard him at Kuumbwa Jazz center when I was about twenty years old. I couldn't believe my ears. He sounded what I thought Bird would have sounded like if he would had lived to a ripe old age. In fact he was the saxophonist picked to record the soundtrack for the movie 'Bird'. Charles is in his seventies now and he is still getting better and better all the time. I heard he still practices like a fiend. I feel fortunate to play with his piano player Randy Porter and if he's good enough for C-Mac he's good enough for me. Charles never has gotten the recognition that he's due and he is really one of the last living original Bebop masters. He is best known for his work with Charle Mingus who he recorder twenty-two records with. His sound is very sweet and warm and he has a unique style of articulation. He has bridged the gap from Bebop to post-Bop in a way that only someone of his generation can do. Charles currently live and teaches in San Diego and still tours regularly. He'll be at the Blue Monk here in Portland on August 19th. He is a true living legend so don't miss him.

Interview with Charles
Charles interview- Vancouver Jazz site

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