Jazz scene: Vancouver, B.C.

I went to Vancouver, Canada this weekend for a short vacation. The city is truly beautiful and it's the most cosmopolitan place I've ever been. The
sheer amount of restaurants is staggering. You might see a Thai, Greek, Ukrainian, Japanese, Italian, Malaysian, African and Vietnamese restaurant on just one block! I know many musicians who considered making the move up north when W got re-elected.

Well here is a site about the Jazz scene up there: Vancouver Jazz

The quality of life seems great but the Jazz scene seemed pretty dismal. They had just had their great Jazz festival there, but the rest of the year didn't look too great. It might be the place to go if you were into trip-hop or acid-jazz. It seemed to me that Portland, at about a seventh the size, had more Jazzaction than VC did. If anyone has a better idea about the scene up there please let me know. If it was more happening up there I think I'd become an expat in about two seconds.......

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