Harmonic Theory and Just intonation

Here are a few more esoteric music theory links.

This stuff is dense, but give it a chance. It will open up your entire musical perspective. Musicians used to be taught the philosophic and mathematical foundations of music as part of their education. Music wasn't always just for cocktail enhancement and booty stimulation.

Harmonic Theory and Just intonation
Syndex:A synergetic perspective on number dynamics -written by my close friend Iona Miller
Ancient concepts of number
Islamic musical theory
The Just Intonation network
Just Intonation Explained


Anonymous said...

Phew!!!my mind is reeling David...amazing how deep your brain runs with theory. I always describe sax players as being deeply intellectual,and you certainly are.I dig it. Dede[;

Anonymous said...

If you're not already familiar with it, get "Harmonic Experience" by W.A.Mathieu. It will change everything.

David Carlos Valdez said...

That is a great book. It's a comprehensive treatise on tuning as well as a practical guide to putting this knowledge into practice.