Jason DuMars- saxophone internet guru

Jason DuMars lives here in Portland. I've played at a couple a jam sessions with him but I never really heard his own material until tonight. Jason's stuff is mostly improvised (free) but very musical. He never indulges in the kind of squawk fests that are all too common in modern improvised music. He also does beautiful instrument engraving work.

He web site has a bunch of high quality sound clips from several different projects. Very nice material.
He wrote the online saxophone buyers guide, which is great if you are in the market for a vintage horn. This guy obviously keeps himself busy.

Jason's bio page
His International Saxophone home page
Articles page with things like:
The tale of the Electric Saxophone
The Saxophone Buyer's Guide 2000
"Taking the Steps" - An article by Ellery Eskelin
A History of SML Saxophones by Fred Cicetti
A Brief History of Selmer Saxophones
Altissimo for Alto Saxophone
Multiphonics for Alto Saxophone
More Multiphonics for Alto Saxophone
My Pilgrimage to Elkhart, Indiana
Complete SATB Mouthpiece Chart
saxpics.com ~ The Internet's largest collection of sax images!

His reviews of saxes and saxophonists
Interviews with Steve Goodson, reed maker Tom Alexander, Steve Coleman
Very cool music and cool site Jason.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, David! I am completely speechless. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to playing Saturday night -- maybe I'll see you at the Fireside?