David Valdez w/ Pere Soto & Dan Schulte

Here is the first audio file of my playing on this blog. This is a podcast from my gig last week with Spanish guitarist Pere Soto and bassist Dan Schulte. My personal favorite is the very last tune called Oasis.

All the tunes are written Pere Soto or Lee Konitz.

MP3 file of Red and Black gig


Anonymous said...

Where's the link to the mp3 file?

David Carlos Valdez said...

Try again. Blogger has been acting up lately.

Anonymous said...

David, it has been my experience that you only have to raise the first open tone hole when you are fingering the high c (not the entire left hand stack). This turns out to be the b key and it actually stops on the foot of the b lever, so you only have to shave off a bit of the cork where it stops. Raising this one key will eliminate the warble in the high c tone quality. Jim Riggs, Denton, Texas.