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These are some triad pairs I am studying...

Kinda nice too. Enjoy.

--over C7 use C Maj triad - C, E, G- and Bb Aug triad -Bb, D, F#- for a sound that is whole-toneish...
--over C7 use F# Maj triad -F#, Bb, C#- and E Aug triad -E, G#, C- for an altered/tritone sound.
--over C7, (normal dominant or altered), use Db- triad and D Aug triad
--over Dmin7b5 use Bb Maj triad and Ab Aug triad
--over CminMaj7 use F Maj triad and Eb Aug triad.


Anonymous said...

On the C7, are you choosing to think F#M and E+ rather than F#M and C+ because it keeps the roots a step apart?

David Carlos Valdez said...

Use the link I provided for Tim Price
to ask him your question. He is always helpful and his site is worth a read.