Do it yourself Saxophone repair kit

Ever realized that your horn had something wrong with it right before a gig of recording session? Did you scramble to get to the repair shop only to find that they were backed up with school horns? Did you then try to make your repair using layers of scotch tape, rubber bands, plastic wrap and a lighter? There is definately a better way to get out this type of dilemma, why not fix your horn the right way? MusicMedic.com has put together an affordable and complete do it yourself sax repair kit for only nintey-nine bucks. The kit comes with a leak light, pads, tools, corks, felts, springs, manual and on-line support to fix most problems. It's the perfect solution if you're at sea or on the road. I could have really used this kit many times myself.

Music Medic Sax repair kit
Guide to Repairing Woodwinds

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