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I've got to say that Ellery Eskelin has got to be one of my all-time favorite free players on any instrument. Kenny Brooks described him well when he said that Ellery was like 'Archie Shepp, but with chops'. He has a great sound, and not just a for an 'Avant-garde' player. His compositions are unique and interesting and his band is always smoking. Jim Black, who I was lucky enough to have play on my senior recital, is one of the most talented younger drummers on the scene today. He's like a class five hurricane ripping around the drums and Andrea Parker makes the Avant-garde accordion seem like the most natural thing.

William Mithoefer sent me these links from Ellery's newsletter. These are some great streaming videos of Ellery's band on You-Tube.

  • Eskelin w/Parkins & Black Concert Videos on-line...

Just posted a number of concert videos of the band from our 2001 European tour appearance in Barcelona, Spain. They are available for free streaming at google video.

Included are:

1. One Great Day...

2. T64K37B

3. Paris Swallowtail / Nymphaliadae

4. India

5. Mediation

Also included are a couple of 1999 out-takes of Eskelin & Parkins from
the film "Off the Charts - The Song Poem Story" by Jamie Meltzer.

6. "Yummy Yummy Dum Dum" (version one)

7. "Yummy Yummy Dum Dum" (version two)

Lastly is a trailer from the band's 2004 DVD "On the Road..." narrated
by my son Rami Eskelin. I probably should have made this trailer at
the time of the DVD release but better late than never, eh?

8. DVD trailer

The web site is always updated with upcoming appearances and tours.

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