Casa Valdez for the Jazz Harmony student

The nature of blogs and the fact that the Blogger search engine sucks makes it difficult to locate information on Casa Valdez. There are articles that I think are very important for my students that are lost in the archives. I have written about many of the topics that I usually deal with in my private and group lessons. There are some topics that I always teach, and in a certain order. For those students that may not currently have a teacher, or just want to suplement their other studies, I will try to lay out a course of study from the material on this blog. This rough outline is aimed at the Jazz improvisation student. This is simply a suggested course of study, feel free to develop your own.

Jazz Harmony for Improvisation: chord-scales
Berklee Harmony 1-4
Digital Patterns
Symetrical Scales: diminished and whole-tone
John Stowell's melodic minor scales for improvisation
Ray Brown Patterns
Paul Contos ii- V7 patterns
Motific Development
Tim Price's Blues Studies
Lee Konitz 10 Level system
Bob Mover's ii-V7 subs
Basic ii-V7 substitutions
The best ii-V7 substitution ever
Half Step subs/related ii-7s part II
8th note lines and practice tips
Randy Porter's Bebop harmonic devices
Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale
Gary Campbell's Triad Pairs for Jazz
Triad Pairs and the modes of Harmonic Minor
Special Function Dominant Chords
Pentatonic Lines
Jof Lee's Polychord overview
Mulgrew on Woody Shaw- the 'Blue Major third'
George Russell's LCCOTO
Tim Price's random line excercise
Coltrane Chord Substitutions


Aggie said...

Thank you very much! This is a very neat outline that I'll look back on. :)

Rick said...

I'm a big fan of your blog, but agree that so much of your great content is buried by Blogger's poor search and even more importantly, their total lack of category/tag support.

Have you considered switching to wordpress or typepad? Both offer categories and/or tags. Wordpress even claims to import data from Blogger, so the transition might be somewhat easy.

Anyway, just some suggestions to help you better organize your great content.