George Garzone and Kenny Brooks with Ratdog

Garzone sitting in with KB and playing the music of Jerry Garcia?!?!

Jerry must be proud, first his own ice cream flavor and now George Garzone is playing his music. Thanks Pat Tucker.

KB & Garzone w/ Rat Dog video on YouTube

More Garzone Videos of YouTube!!!


MonksDream said...

Really interesting stuff by Garzone. I've always liked hearing Jazz players sit in with rock bands, as they don't just play the usual pentatonic shit. George, especially, has that ability to create beautiful lines like Stravinsky, in the same manner that I associate with Hank Mobley's hard bop lines. I didn't like it when I first heard it (Garzone and K.B. but after I thought about it a while, it sounded pretty badass.)

I love the other guy's tenor sound who's playing with Garzone in some of those other videos. Who is he? (context.)

David Carlos Valdez said...

That would be Frank Tiberi, who played with Woody Herman's 'Thundering Herd' and eventually took over leading the ghost band when Woody died. He and Garzone play together once in a while in NYC as the 'Italian Tenors'.