Sax-Acrobatix: the legacy of Spike Jones

British saxophonist Pete Thomas has an extensive saxophone site that's worth taking a look at. He has stuff on his site like online lessons, Jazz recipes, vintage saxophone museum, sax links, sax reviews, sax humour, sax repairs, sax serial numbers, a large section on film scoring, Logic Pro tutorials and a sax discussion forum. He also has a copy of a book called Sax-Acrobatix posted on his site, which was written by Henri Weber and published by Belwin in the 40's. This 17 page book has exercises that help you to develop saxophone 'stunts and tricks' like the Laugh, the Cry, the Meow, the Flutter Tongue, the Yelp, the Moan, the Bark, the Sneeze, and the Car Horn. These tricks are explained and augmented with appropriate exercises of moderate difficulty. If you have ever marveled at how the Spike Jones Orchestra created some of their silly sound effects then this book is for you.

The complete Sax-Acrobatix book on Pete Thomas' site

Thanks to Tomas Trulsson again for more great material.

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