Reed Pro- Space Age Reed Technology

I just bought what is probably the strangest looking piece of reed gear I've ever seen. It's called the Reed Pro. It's a large clear plastic tube with removable rubber caps on each end that have a hole to allow drying. Inside this tube is a hollow square tube (though I guess if it is square then it's not a tube) with emery board on one side and sandpaper on one side for reed resurfacing. Inside this is foam, which holds your reeds tight against the inner sides while letting the reeds dry. There are two rubber bands that allow you to store more reeds on the outside of this square tube. This whole thing looks rather silly, but the design is ingenious and quite practical. The Reed Pro is currently on closeout sale at Woodwind Brasswind for only $9.99. You're not going to fit one of these puppies in your back pocket when you step up to the mic, but you may want to get one of these space age devices to start conversations, if nothing else. It's very handy to be able to sand the back of your reed down a little if it's too hard. Very cool.

Now if I only had some good reeds to keep in this thing.........

Reed Pro at WWBW

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