Roger's Rant

My buddy and great saxophonist Roger Wood just sent me this rant about the state of the arts in America. Don't get me started Rodger....

" Hey David, I wish that I could check this out but I have a gig (thank goodness!). I forwarded your email to a few people I know who are into the music. Hopefully they will come out check out what you're doing. What in the world has happen to live music support, not only in Portland, but across the entire country? I talk to musicians from all over the country all the time on this topic. Our society's profound lack of interest in all of the arts is both appalling and unacceptable! This was not the case in the sixties and seventies when I was growing up Baltimore and tagging along with my parents and teachers (and of course I didn't want to)
to hear the likes of Dexter Gordon, Milt Jackson, Chet Baker, Andre Watts, Maurice Andre, etc. The arts, music in particular, was an integral part of one's educational development and therefore encouraged and supported by our respected elders in the community, parents, teachers, barbers, ministers, etc. Of course this lack of support for live music has had and is having an adverse effect on live music venues (to stay open) and many great musicians' ability to sustain a living playing great music for the people! Now we've (our society in general) descended into this vortex of mindless activity. It seems to me that so many in this society today are much more interested in "America's Next Idol," etc. than anything of substance, such
as going to a live concert, an art museum, etc. Sorry for the mini tirade. Reading about the stoppage of live music at Jax triggered this rant! I just think musicians of your high caliber should be appreciated more and am deeply concerned and saddened by the current state of the arts in this country.

Anyhow, have a good gig on Saturday. I know it's going to be smoking'!

Musically yours (always), Roger"

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